Two Months Being Grain Free


July 7, 2017

I wish I could say that this journey so far has been easy.

It has and it hasn’t.

We’ve both lost a lot of weight… Good for Brian, not good for me.  I’m down to 98 pounds and I feel frail.  I don’t like that.

We both feel … lighter… and I’m not talking weight loss.  Lighter in the sense that we don’t feel overly full and bloated after eating.  After a delicious pasta dinner, we would both feel overly stuffed and couldn’t move.

We are saving more money in our food budget.  Eating the SAD diet, we have easily spent $600-$700 on food a month.  With the pasta, chips, pretzels and other carb loaded foods cut out, we now spend anywhere from $450-$500.  That’s a $200 savings!

Food shopping has been extremely easier and pleasant.  Brian used to do the food shopping early Saturday morning or after work.  But now, I go with the two kids.  And it’s a breeze.  We walk the perimeter of the store and only venture into the inner aisles to get things like applesauce or items for our trail mix.

Two weeks ago I had a wisdom tooth pulled and being that I couldn’t eat anything solid, I succumbed to eating dairy.  I couldn’t stand eating mashed sweet potatoes for every meal.  So, I convinced Brian that I “needed” yogurt and ice cream.  Bad.  I know.  But, not bad in the sense that I don’t think dairy is affecting me as negatively as I thought.

After that first week of reintroducing dairy to my diet, I had severe stomach cramps.  To the point where I wasn’t able to get out of bed and function.  Talking hurt.  I was in a lot of pain.  I experienced nauseous, diarrhea and stomach cramping.  And it always happened right after I ate my breakfast of eggs.  I assumed the pain was from the dairy that I had been living on for those few days after I got my tooth pulled.

After a week of stomach clutching, I didn’t feel like eating eggs for breakfast and instead opted for an apple with peanut butter.  I felt fine.  No stomach pains.  Then we visited family in Jersey and I ate eggs for breakfast both mornings.  I was done.  My stomach pains returned and I couldn’t enjoy my time.  Thankfully, the pain only lasted for a few hours and not the whole day.

Eggs seem to be the culprit of my recent stomach issues.  I tested it out again this week.  Since coming back from Jersey this week, I’ve only eaten an apple for breakfast and no eggs.  I have felt fine.  Today, my husband insisted that it was still the dairy in my system that has been making me feel so awful so he made me eggs.  I ate one and was clutching my stomach an hour later.  The pain lasted for about 2 hours and then lifted as quickly as it came.

I did a little reading up on this and found that it’s rare for adults to develop an egg allergy.  Egg allergies are usually found in children.  I read a few articles about other adults who have eaten eggs without any issues their whole lives and then suddenly develop an allergy.  I’m not quite sure what to make of this just yet, other than I won’t be eating eggs for a while.

We’ve also included higher quality supplements into our diets, vitamin D3, vitamin B and a fish oil.  I truly believe that I feel like I finally have more energy.  I don’t feel so sluggish.  Maybe it’s the wheat-withdrawal finally wearing off.

On a more positive note, our daughter has been more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods.  She now eats avocados, tomatoes and has even tried roasted beets and fish!  When we visited my family in Jersey, my mother was shocked seeing my daughter happily munching on carrot sticks as we walked around the zoo.  Just a few months ago, that bag of carrot sticks would have been filled with goldfish crackers instead.

It’s beautiful to see the transformation in our daughter.  To see her enjoy eating healthful foods and exploring new foods.

B and I are still working on finding the right balance for ourselves.

It’s a process.  One that I am thankful we have begun and will continue to explore and experiment with what works for our bodies.

It’s a journey.  Keeping it simple.




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