Replace 24 Items in One Year Challenge

Homemade laundry detergent

July 30, 2017

  1. St. Ives face scrub – homemade face scrub
    • ingredients:  sugar, olive oil, lemon essential oil (or any fragrance of your choice)
    • directions:  combine all ingredients into a container (I use a small jelly jar), mix, wet face, slather on face or legs or feet or hands and scrub
  2. Crest toothpaste – homemade toothpaste
    • ingredients:  coconut oil, calcium carbonate, baking soda, peppermint essential oil
  3. Polyester clothing – 100% cotton clothing
  4. Teflon pans – Le Creuset pots and Lodge cast iron pans
  5. Facial tissues – 100% cotton hankies
  6. Paper napkins – washcloths
  7. Paper towels – rags, Brian’s old undershirts and E man’s nursing cloths
  8. Polyester comforters and blankets – 100% cotton blankets and quilts
  9. Windex – homemade window cleaner
    • ingredients:  rubbing alcohol, vinegar, water in a glass spray bottle
  10. Feminine pads – Seventh Generation cotton pads and The Diva Cup
  11. Plastic shower curtain – 100% cotton shower curtain
    • NOTE:  wash at least once a month
  12. Polyester pillows – 100% natural latex, 100% wool
  13. Hand soap – homemade coconut oil bar soap
  14. Shampoo – homemade coconut oil bar soap
  15. Dish detergent – homemade coconut oil liquid dish soap
  16. Laundry detergent – homemade using coconut laundry bar soap
  17. Cosmetics – Mineral Fusion
  18. Moisturizer – coconut oil
  19. Polyester scarves – 100% silk and 100% cotton (crocheted by me)
  20. Kids’ plastic dishes/cups – Cub Bowls (high grade stainless steel cups and bowls)
  21. Plastic water bottles – stainless steel
  22. Plastic baby bottles – Pura bottles (stainless steel bottle with silicone nipple, sippy, straw)
  23. Plastic snack containers – stainless containers, mason jars
  24. Plastic bins for kids’ toys – 100% cotton rope baskets
  25. Plastic wrap – glass Pyrex bowls and mason jars to store food instead of just covering
Homemade soap (we use it for our dish detergent and laundry detergent)

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