We are a family who attempts to daily live our lives following Jesus.  We fail often.  We have victories.  We are real about who we are.  We are honest about our story.  We are on an adventure, discovering what life is all about.  We are debt-free minimalists in pursuit of simple living in order to pursue our passions and interests.

I was a teacher for 12 years, and now a full-time domestic engineer.  My husband works in finance.  We have two wonderful children.


Our story begins back in Jersey when we bought our first home in 2014.  We were recently married and just had our first baby.  We felt the pressure to live up to societies standards of owning a big home and filling it and our lives with a lot of stuff.  We thought we had everything we ever wanted.  Our minimalist journey started when I began reading Dave Ramsey’s, The Total Money Makeover.  This led to selling our unused/unwanted possessions in order to pay off our debt, which snowballed into selling our house in 2016 and downsizing.  Basically, in 2 years we bought a house, renovated it, paid off our debt, my husband was laid off, we had another baby, sold our house, I retired from my 12 year teaching career, and we moved to Upstate New York.  Downsizing and going minimal has been one of the best decisions of our lives.  We hope our story encourages you to live a debt free and simple life.


The people around us thought we were living the American Dream until my husband was laid off and we put our house up for sale. Everyone assumed we were struggling and couldn’t make ends meet.  But that was far from the truth.  We were already on the path to financial freedom and started to really reflect on what we wanted out of life.  We decided to become a one income family and to move out of a “keeping up with the Jones'” area. We share our story to remind ourselves, encourage our children and others of the importance of living a debt free and simple life.