Two Months Being Grain Free

July 7, 2017 I wish I could say that this journey so far has been easy. It has and it hasn't. We've both lost a lot of weight... Good for Brian, not good for me.  I'm down to 98 pounds and I feel frail.  I don't like that. We both feel ... lighter... and I'm… Continue reading Two Months Being Grain Free

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Please be Kind when Asking about Our Life Choices

June 19, 2017 The hardest part of our debt-free, mortgage-free, stuff-free, grain-free, dairy-free (sometimes... I cave when it comes to ice cream) simple journey is the harsh opinions of others.  And by others I mean, those closest to us who should be the most supportive. You would have thought that I told them that we… Continue reading Please be Kind when Asking about Our Life Choices


Grain Free Breakfast – PART 2

Written by Renata Haggerty / May 25, 2017 Halleleujah!  The angels are singing in Heaven again!  Nope, it's ME! WE DID IT!!! Our daughter is a ravenous eater of proteins, vegetables, fruits, grain-free pancakes and grain-free treats.  AND even eats a WHOLE banana every  morning!  It took exactly ONE WEEK of missed meals, gaggings, cleaning… Continue reading Grain Free Breakfast – PART 2

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Our Grain Free Journey

May 25, 2017 Health Conditions Brian- joint pain, back pain, tummy issues, belly weight, teeth issues, eczema Renata- migraines, teeth issues, eczema, emotional PMS, seasonal allergies, allergies to trees, weeds, grass, dust, animals, pretty much everything, slight asthma Daughter- bloated belly, bellyaches, eczema Son- some eczema After our daughter's 3rd birthday, we decided to go… Continue reading Our Grain Free Journey